Gay website is coming up to its third anniversary.

The original website was very much a DIY effort but today the site has all the functionality as some of the best gay social networking sites with over 400 members.

Members have their own profile page, you can search for other members by name or county and contact them using the site private messaging facility. There is also a chat room and a forum for posting questions, topics for discussion etc. 

Events are organised centrally, or by individual members and they are posted on the event Event page. We have an annual get together, usually in Birmingham each year which is a great opportunity for members to meet face to face

Membership of ranges from early thirties to guys in their 50’s. There is a good mix of members at every stage of the coming out process. This mix makes the site so valuable. Many relationships and even Civil Partnerships have evolved from the site which brings a lot of personal satisfaction. The site has also saved lives. 

The next development phase has taken place with two related support / social networking websites:- and is planned in the near future.

So if you are a gay parent and you feel isolated and that you are the only one - you need worry no more - come and join us – you are amongst friends.