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Improve your confidence and skills working with LGBT+ people

We have a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke equality and inclusivity training to organisations and service providers. The training includes a broad focus on increasing understanding and knowledge of LGBT+ social issues, mental health needs, and cultural perspectives. The training is delivered by Intercom staff, who can draw on their own experiences within the training sessions to bring the issues alive for trainees.


Intercom provides a diverse range of training opportunities which include:

CPD Recognised Training

Our training and conferences are all recognised and validated by The CPD Certification Service. Delegates participating in our conferences or training sessions will receive an accredited Continuing Professional Development certificate and will be able to evidence their learning with the points awarded.


Training will enhance your knowledge of the issues and needs of our communities to become more LGBT+ inclusive. It will also enhance your confidence in working with people who identify as LGBT+ and enhance your relationship with service users, making them feel respected and valued. We provide a safe space in which to explore gender identity and sexual orientation, in order to encourage open discussion and feel relaxed enough to ask any questions about the subject matter without fear of “getting it wrong”.


These are some questions you might ask yourself about your organisation to see if our training would be beneficial:

Our training will not only answer these questions with you during the session, but we will be able to think with the group about the application of the answers and their increased knowledge to your specific workplace or setting.

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This day was helpful in providing a positive set of workshops to support secondary LGBTQ+ students and to support staff in understanding how to embed diversity in their settings. Thank you.

I thought you both approached the group really well, very personable and easy to talk to. Felt like I could ask any question about the topic and you confidently answered them. And I feel more confident about teaching about LGBT+.

Intercom has enabled me to support my person in a way that is up to date, accurate and appropriate. I have then been able to approach other professionals and make them aware of your work and provision. I have also attended some great training.

As a service, we had a training session with Intercom Trust, which was very useful to implement into our work with LGBT+ community.

I felt I had a reasonable knowledge of LGBTQ+ already but this training really opened my eyes further. I wasn't very familiar with Intercom Trust so great to know about the support offered.

It was excellent training - engaging and the exact right amount of info on the slides to be able to take it in, remember the important bits and also follow the discussion.

Really big thank you to both of you; it was valuable, interesting and thought provoking.

Really great training. General feeling in the room was the same and you helped massively with that as your training style was calm, accommodating, compassionate, passionate, and hugely knowledgeable.