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Supporting families where one or more people is LGBT+

This new project aims to strengthen our community and family networks with a combination of relaxed fun, opportunities to learn together, and extra support where needed. 


Family life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we could all benefit from connecting with others in similar situations to ourselves but this can be tough when you’re in a minority. Family Pride Southwest will help you make connections with other LGBT+ families. (An LGBT+ family may contain one or more parents who identify as LGBT+ and/or one or more children who identify as LGBT+).


Family Pride Events

Our Family Pride events are simply about finding each other, having some fun, and boosting parent and child confidence. Parents and carers can have time together. Children and young people can have time together. Or you can just have a cuppa and soak up the atmosphere. 

Family Support

In addition, separately from the Family Pride Events, we can help you as a family address any problems together with support where you know you can be yourself. 


The kinds of challenges we help with:

To access this support or simply to find out more…

Call our helpline

Getting you some help starts with a simple conversation. Chat confidentially with one of our friendly helpline staff. 

9:00 - 4:00 pm (Mon to Fri)

You can self-refer for our LGBT+ Family Pride service, or someone else can refer you on your behalf.