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LGBT+ specialist support for you

Our team of LGBT+ Practitioners provide one-to-one emotional and practical support for individuals of all ages throughout Devon and Cornwall who are struggling with their gender identity and/or sexual orientation and the related impacts on their lives. 


This includes:

* We use the word family in its broadest sense – this may be your chosen family, like many of us in the LGBT+ communities have created.

Support from the Support and Advocacy team has been very successful. I've really liked that I was shown the options in the beginning of support that meant that I could be allocated and have the option of face to face or online.

I came out as trans to my mum and I had no other support. I found high school hard. my mum contacted Intercom and I met [x] my 1 to 1 support worker. she helped me a lot, meeting for hot chocolate and talking to high school about challenges of being trans. I couldn’t go to school anymore but I kept meeting [x]. I went to family day and felt comfortable meeting other young people who were trans. I didn’t know any trans people until I went there. I found a friend who I talk to most days. Intercom has made my life better.

Thank you - the time you invest in supporting me in my wellbeing is invaluable.

I have had excellent support and have been put in contact with other services I would not of been able to access.

Intercom has made me confident in adults' ability to help with things in the area of gender identity.

Advice from the outset regarding how as an organisation we can best support a young person and their family. Attendance at TAF meetings and support for young person has been reliable, helpful and has certainly enabled the family and young person to gain in confidence and understand the process of [xx] referral

[x] is helping me to start piecing everything together and is someone who has a broader understanding of all my needs - she helps me to coordinate the services I need to access or ideas I have - which helps me make more sense of everything so I feel like I have some stability in my life.

A 1:1 talk service has been very helpful for my situation. The NHS has not been able to find a way to offer support, but Intercom is doing it. I fully expect I would have stopped talking to people if I had not had this support from Intercom.

Just knowing that there are people at Intercom who know specifically about LGBT issues is reassurance. My teen gets 1-1 support from an LGBT worker to help them work through concerns and thoughts that I’m not equipped to do so again I’m reassured they are getting specialist support to help and guide them.

Access LGBT+ support and advocacy services

You can access our LGBT+ support and advocacy services in one of two ways; by calling our helping, or via referral. 

Call our helpline

Getting you some help starts with a simple conversation. Chat confidentially with one of our friendly helpline staff. 

9:00 - 4:00 pm (Mon to Fri)

You can self-refer for our LGBT+ support and advocacy services, or someone else can refer you on your behalf.