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Welcome to Intercom Trust. We are an LGBT+ led charity, proudly working with 1000’s of people each year to improve wellbeing and inclusion across the region. We are here for you. 

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We want everybody we work with to reach their full potential. We continue to grow year by year and as a result of the various support services we have in place for our communities, it means so much to us to see the massive difference we are able to make to people’s lives.

Here are some numbers to illustrate the difference we have been able to make in the last 12 months:


1-2-1 Support Sessions


YAY Youth


Counselling Sessions


Supported by LGBT+ School Lunch Groups


Family Support Days

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you from bottom of my heart for your work and support through all this, you have been amazing. Please pass on my heart felt thanks to Intercom Trust to for all their support.

We thank you and wish you all the best with all the hard work you carry out on behalf of the LGBT+ community.

Intercom provided me with a judgement-free space where I could safely navigate my thoughts and the LGBTQ+ environment, both of which were unfamiliar territories for me.

Intercom has been great at finding me consistent support and council! As I say, I would just like my problems challenged and changed more on a psychological level. Though, again I cannot recommend Intercom enough based on the funds they have available for this; With some truly brave and lovely employees helping me!

I feel it has been really helpful for me to connect with other members of the community, as well as discussing issues facing me personally with regards to my gender identity. Intercom has been extremely helpful in validating me and making me feel less alone when coming up against people who just don't seem to understand. Not really something to improve but would love to see more groups in future, and I would recommend expanding how these groups are advertised as details were hard to find.