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Open: 9:00 - 4:00pm Monday to Friday


Emotional support in an LGBT+ safe space

We run a low or no cost counselling service for anyone who identifies as LGBT+ and family members who are aged 18 and over, to provide more in-depth, therapeutic support for people experiencing higher levels of emotional and mental distress linked to being LGBT+. Our warm and compassionate counsellors offer a safe space to explore difficulties in more detail and work toward improving your overall emotional wellbeing.


Our counsellors choose to offer their time to our communities and we ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and support to do so.


We check they have the appropriate insurance, registration, and supervision in place and that they follow the same high standards of ethical practice that Intercom Trust does.


Counselling is mostly offered in a set of up to 12 sessions, and where needed this is extended by arrangement. We ask for donations dependent on what you can afford to help us to keep supplying this service to as many people as we can.

Our counsellors

We provide this support using student counsellors who are working towards their professional memberships. All our counsellors are fully supervised and DBS cleared.

Our locations

We provide counselling in our Truro, Plymouth, and Exeter offices and some online sessions.

Wouldn’t have got through the last few months without counselling.

I don't normally like talking about my issues but I feel comfortable with you.

I feel like I’ve really changed about the way I think about myself. I feel much more in control and confident about myself now. That I can do it. Thanks for helping me to see this

Incredibly supportive, have a space to express myself without judgement. Having support to identify with myself, understanding what this means and how it can positively impact in my life. I started counselling a bit half hearted, thinking it may not help. but without [x] I’m not sure where I would be. [x] and Intercom are an amazing charity and I will be forever thankful for their support.

Access LGBT+ counselling services

You can access our LGBT+ counselling services in one of two ways; by calling our helping, or via referral. 

Find our more below:

Call our helpline

Getting you some help starts with a simple conversation. Chat confidentially with one of our friendly helpline staff. 

9:00 - 4:00 pm (Mon to Fri)

You can self-refer for our LGBT+ counselling services, or someone else can refer you on your behalf.