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Intercom remains passionately committed to being in every way led by, and responsive to, LGBT+ communities.

Making the difference

We’re proud of the support we are able to provide, we know it makes tangible difference to the lives of members of the LGBT+ community coming to us for help. The below headline numbers have been taken from our 2022/2023 Annual Report.


1-2-1 Support Sessions


Counselling Sessions


Supported by LGBT+ School Lunch Groups


YAY Youth


Family Days

Source: Intercom Trust Annual Report 2021/22

Our Trustees

Our dedicated team supported by our trustees deliver a range of services to support LGBT+ individuals of all ages, their families, and communities. 


An overview of our current team and trustees can be found here:

Annual Reports & Strategic Documents

Our constitution has been amended three times since 1997: the current version, our governing document, can be found here:

Our Strategic plan 2019-2024 sets out our goals, vision and mission and more, take a look at what we have achieved and plan too.

Information Management

We understand the importance of keeping confidentiality and making sure your information is safe. 


To find out more about how we manage information, see our current policies which contain summaries of our approach to information management.


Best Practice & Professional Standards

New content here. 

Funding and Finance

As a charity, we rely on funding to meet the needs of those we support. We are committed to spending this money in the most effective way and we account for every penny; we provide funders with full reports and are externally audited every year.

Training & Consultancy

money raised through providing training and consultancy.


money raised through private donations.


Several important funders as shown below