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Trans Schools’ Guidance Consultation

Following a long wait and several delays, the UK Government released their draft ‘Guidance for Schools and Colleges: Gender Questioning Children’ on 19th December 2023.

The responses to this consultation will be important for members of our communities.

It is important to note that these are proposals, not final guidance – schools have no duty to apply this guidance now. Many legal experts, including the Department for Education’s own lawyers, believe that the guidance may be illegal.

Here are a few hints and tips for filling out the Consultation:
– This may be personal for you; try to be polite and concise in your response
– Take time to read and reflect on the guidance before writing your response
– Share your experiences to illustrate your point and express your opinion
– Encourage others to fill out the consultation

The consultation remains open until 12th March 2024.

You can submit your response to the consultation by clicking here.

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