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Open Day Exhibition with Section 28 and its Afterlives

Intercom Trust is excited to announce that we will be holding an Open Day with Section 28 and its Afterlives at the Intercom Exeter office on Saturday 10th February, to showcase their exhibition on the legacies of Section 28 in Exeter and the South West.

Drawing on oral history interviews, the exhibition puts the spotlight on local LGBTQ+ history, giving audiences insight into the profound and long-lasting impacts of Section 28 on LGBTQ+ people in the South West. Staff from Intercom Trust will be at the event to provide support if you would like to discuss the experiences and reflections that the exhibition may bring about for you. Food and refreshments will be provided.

Alongside the exhibition, the Section 28 and its Afterlives team will be running a creative workshop to reflect on Section 28 and its legacies, and to engage with this challenging period of recent LGBTQ+ history in a hands-on, empowering way, by using collage to create a personal response to a range of historical material. No background knowledge (or artistic talent!) required: the session will be facilitated by the project team and Dr Chloe Asker, an expert in creative and mindful participatory methods. Places for the workshop will be limited so don’t forget to sign up! 

Sign up to the Open Day here.

Sign up for the Creative Workshop (places limited).

Accessibility Statement

Parking and Location

Intercom Trust is located at the entrance of Prospect Park. When you turn left onto Prospect Park off Old Tiverton Road, you will see a small green sign on the right-hand side of the road with Intercom’s name on it. Follow the driveway, and you will see Intercom’s main site on your left.

We have limited parking on site at the Intercom office (5 spaces), and therefore we highly advice you to travel by walking, bus or train where possible. If you do need to drive, the King William and John Lewis car parks are approximately 12 and 14 minutes from the Intercom office respectively. An additional car park is on Belmont Road, near to the Odeon roundabout, but this is very small and also has limited availability. It is around a 15-minute walk to the Intercom office from Belmont Road Car Park.



We have our office directly on the left-hand side of Wrentham Business Centre. The entrance doors have two small steps up in order to enter the building. We will be holding the event on the ground floor only, which has level, flat flooring. We will ensure there is ample space for wheelchairs to be able to move around the space.


Sensory information

We will be using low, non-intensive lighting for the main exhibition space. The Creative Workshop will be held in our Training Room; this will be lit by ceiling lighting that will be more intense than the main space.

We will be keeping noise to a minimum, with only low-level background music being played. This will be a curated playlist for the event that can be turned down upon request. Intercom will have breakout rooms available for attendees to disengage and take a break from the event if they need a quieter space.

Assistance dogs are welcome, and staff will be happy to provide water for your dog.



We will have four ground floor toilets for access for guests. We regret to say that we do not have a disabled toilet on site at this time.

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