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LGBT+ Empowerment and Recovery Group

We are happy to announce today our new LGBT+ Empowerment & Recovery Group, delivered by the Safer Rainbow Project, for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and/or violence, and for those who feel that their experience in their relationships may be unhealthy.

The group will take attendees through an eight-week programme, aiming to help identify the impact of abuse, explore emotions in a safe environment, and set personal boundaries and goals.

Our Safer Rainbow team will facilitate the sessions and be there for support and guidance, encouraging participants to talk through experiences and prioritise their own needs.

The group will be held at our Exeter office on Thursdays between 2-4pm, during October and November.

For more details, call or email our Helpline on 0800 612 3010 (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm) or via

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