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Gender Variance in History and Culture Seminar – Monday 16th October

Intercom is excited to announce that we will be holding our next Gender Variance in History and Culture seminar on Monday 16th October.

The seminar will cover over 5000 years of recorded gender history and diversity with Steve, Chai and Sadie.

During the session you will:

– Explore and reflect upon Gender Diversity from a global perspective.

– Connect colonialism, racism, cultural identities, the patriarchy, misogyny and legislation and how they have formed transphobia and affected current issues around gender identity.

– Increase your ability to talk about trans identities and history to be better able to support people in feeling less alone and more connected with a rich cultural heritage.

The seminar will be online between 18:00-21:30.

Book your tickets on our Eventbrite page now!

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