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Hate Crime & Incident Training

Date added: 7 July 2020

Monday 17th August 2020 

10:00 - 12:30

This training is an introduction to the definitions, history, legislation and options for reporting hate crimes and incidents.


Date added: 17 June 2020

We firmly believe #BlackLivesMatter

Call to Action

Date added: 16 June 2020

We are informed that the anti-trans proposals listed in last week’s Sunday Times article holds truth. These proposals included ‘new protections to safeguard female-only spaces…’ and ‘abandoning’ a self-determined procedure around GRA reform.

IMPORTANT: Liz Truss MP is due to speak in Parliament about equalities this Wednesday morning. Boris is likely being asked to agree to the proposals within the next 24 hours. If Boris doesn’t sign it off, Liz Truss cannot go forward with it. YOU can help to prevent the UK Gov progressing with these anti-trans proposals, but you have to act quickly.

Here are our suggestions as to what you and/or your organisation can do:

1. URGENTLY call on Boris Johnson not to take forward any of Liz Truss’ proposals by tweeting @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet and/or emailing via this web-form: (copy your email content before you click send as there have been tech issues with the portal. If it does not send, then suggest you send on to his MP address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. making it clear that the portal is not working). If you are a woman, join the campaign on social media: tell Boris that the rolling back of trans rights in the name of women’s rights is not something you support by using the hashtag #NotInMyName

2. Write to your MP (even if you have done already!) And call on them to challenge the proposals

3. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to do (1) and (2) above

Could you be our next Trustee?

Date added: 10 June 2020

Intercom Trust is seeking new Trustees. Are you interested?

Gender Identity Family Days

Date added: 10 June 2020

We are now running our Gender Identity Family Days online using Zoom

Coronavirus LGBT+ impact survey

Date added: 1 May 2020

Exciting news! We are working alongside Manchester LGBT Foundation to explore our community opinions on how coronavirus has impacted LGBT+ people across the South West.

We are here for you!

Date added: 9 April 2020

The Intercom Trust has been working hard to ensure that, during this time, there is as little disruption to our services as possible and that we continue to be available to those that need to contact us.

Look after youself

Date added: 27 March 2020

The coronavirus is having a huge effect on the way we live. Many of us are unable to stay connected in ways we usually would and it is understandable that this is affecting people's health and wellbeing.

Covid-19 - Service update

Date added: 19 March 2020

Following the Government’s announcement this week with regards the covid-19 pandemic, we will be ensuring we play our part in reducing the risk of the virus spreading – as well as maintaining the health and safety of our staff team and the people we support. From today (19th March 2020) everyone at Intercom will be working remotely.

Welcome to Laura

Date added: 13 February 2020

There's a new member of the Intercom team. We are really happy to have Laura Harp joining Intercom Trust, working across Devon as part of the Help, Support and Advocacy team.

We wish her all the best.

Joe McFadden

Date added: 28 January 2020

A massive thank you to Joe McFadden

Our next Lost in Transition Conference is being held in Barnstaple on 23rd March 2020

Welcome to Sarah

Date added: 7 January 2020

We are really happy to have Sarah Grayer joining the Intercom Trust team. Sarah will be working in Plymouth alongside Debbie, as part of the Help, Support and Advocacy team. We wish her all the best.