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Open: 9:00 - 4:00pm Monday to Friday

TYP (Transparent Youth Project)

Service Description

TYP is the youth project, funded by The Community Fund, The National Lottery, of Transparent Presence CIC.


We offer activity based workshops (eg art, story-telling, rock-pooling, songwriting) as safe spaces for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse children and children with gender diverse parents (school years 3 – 9).  We aim to reduce social isolation, through building strong relationships and creating a supportive  community. Whilst the children are participating in workshops, parents and carers come together to discuss issues that affect them and their family life, draw support from each other and the trained facilitators of the project.


As the Transparent Youth Project progresses, we will identify parents who attend who may be able to take on volunteer roles or become advocates for other parents who struggle when dealing with issues at school.


Contact us via email or social media, or text hullo to 07446452669 for our text message service.

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