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Service Description

Founded in 1973, Quest is a registered charity which is lay volunteer led and offers pastoral support and community to LGBT+ Catholics.


Our Charitable Purpose is: “To proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for the advancement of the Christian religion amongst LGBT+ Catholics”.


We do this in support of our members, the Roman Catholic Church and the wider LGBT+ community in partnership with our UK based regional group network.  We:

  • organise a programme of regional and national activities throughout the year.  These include an annual conference, day conferences, online seminars, retreats, days of reflection, pilgrimages, spiritual and social activities
  • provide information and an exchange of opinions about issues affecting LGBT+ Catholics through the Quest website, National and Regional Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the regular members only bulletin. This range of media aims to support the exploration and understanding of the role of LGBT+ Catholics in the Church
  • work with other faith-based and secular organisations in pursuance of our Purpose
  • when possible, by engaging in / initiating dialogue with Bishops in support of diocesan ministries to LGBT+ Catholics, their families and friends.

Membership is open to all who support our aims, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or religious affiliation.


We have five regional groups around the country including Quest in the South West. Email general enquiries to or to the regional group

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