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Penwith Queer Collective

Service Description

Penwith Queer Collective is a community group based in Penzance whose mission is to bring more LGBTQIA+ centred and LGBTQIA+ friendly spaces to the Penwith area, also known as far west Cornwall. Currently, we host a monthly Queer Book Club, which offers a pressure free environment inviting LGBTQIA+ and questioning people to come together and talk about the book of the month, as well as other book recommendations. There’s no judgement if you haven’t read the book, or didn’t finish the book – if you just want to come along to be in a queer space that’s perfectly okay too!


We also host workshops, events and activities in the Penwith area. These range from creative mending and art workshops to walks, snorkeling, camping and cabarets. You can find out more about what’s happening on our Instagram page @penwithqueercollective.


Penwith Queer Collective is for anyone in Cornwall who identifies as LGBTQIA+ or questioning. Our workshops, events and activities are currently centred around people who are aged 18 and above, however in the future we hope to create some spaces for younger people too. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds and purposefully work to make Penwith Queer Collective is as accessible, inclusive and welcoming as possible.


Please contact us on our Instagram page @penwithqueercollective or email us at Please bear in mind that Penwith Queer Collective is run on a voluntary basis, so please be patient with us responding to you.

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