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Face to face training

A range of bespoke LGBT+ training to suit your needs

Why doesn’t your organisation invest in some bespoke training to increase your employees’ knowledge and understanding of the issues and needs of the LGBT+ communities in the South West?

Contact details for training:

01392 201012

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why choose us?

We have a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke, equality and inclusivity training to organisations and service providers. The training includes a broad focus on increasing trainees understanding and knowledge of LGBT+ social issues, mental health needs, and cultural perspectives. The training is delivered by Intercom staff, who are members of the LGBT+ communities themselves, so draw on their own experiences within the training sessions to bring the issues alive for trainees.

This training will not only enhance your employees’ knowledge of the issues and needs of the LGBT+ communities so becoming an LGBT+ friendly workplace and ogranisation, but the application of the principles delivered in the training will enhance your employees’ confidence in working with people who identify as LGBT+ and enhance their relationship with service users through making them feel respected and valued.

Since 1997 we have trained organisations and groups including the Police, Social Care, schools and colleges, universities, health care professionals and many more.


 Our bespoke face to face LGBT+ training is recognised and validated by The CPD Certification Service. So people who participate in any of our training sessions will receive an accredited Continuing Professional Development certificate and will be able to evidence their learning with the points awarded.



What do we offer?

We would be very happy to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements, so please call us or email us for more information and costs. Each teaching session is tailored to the needs of the trainees and the setting in which they work. Half or full day training sessions are available (depending on the needs of your organisation).

These are some questions you might ask yourself about your organisation to see if our training would be beneficial:

  • Does your organisation fully understand your legal obligations to LGBT+ people who use your services?
  • Does your organisation fully understand the difference between sexual orientation and gender identities?
  • Does your organisation understand what the Equality Act means in terms of your LGBT+ service users?
  • Does your organisation understand the prevalence of mental health issues amongst the LGBT+ communities and how these are exacerbated by societal responses?
  • Does your organisation understand about the impact of Internalised homo-, bi- or trans-phobia (multiple oppression and shame) on LGBT+ people’s mental health and well-being?

Our training will not only answer these questions with you during the session, but we will be able to think with the group about the application of the answers and their increased knowledge to your specific workplace or setting.

What people have said about our training:

"The training that Andy delivered was fabulous - interesting, informative and inspiring. We have always thought that we are a really inclusive setting but Andy gave us just a gentle nudge in thinking about how we can be more explicitly LGBT+ friendly. Thank you!"

“Brilliantly delivered, very relaxed despite the difficult subject matter. Great course, very interesting and will support my future practice”

“Trainers very passionate about the subject, extremely interesting and well presented”

“All the content was extremely relevant and I feel inspired to feedback to work colleagues. We work with children in the context of child protection so this is very relevant. Very powerful”

“Thank you for recognising that people in education want to help but don’t always know how exactly to do that properly/in the best way and understanding that many issues are new to everyone and no one is an expert. Training events are vital to help bring about effective support and positive change”

“There was a very safe and protective atmosphere today. Great to explore ideas and a great deal of respect maintained. Really well done, lots of ideas to take back to college”

“Today was extremely interesting, engaging, and informative, but also challenging. I would highly recommend. Speakers very engaging and content was valuable and relevant thank you”

"An informative and engaging afternoon, learning about the background and current issues regarding gender identity and young people. Not simply the facts but a sharing of the emotional intelligence and compassion, as well as humour, needed for such a complex and important subject. Andy is, from the word go, passionate and personal in his delivery and I left feeling uplifted and full of enthusiasm to make my school even more of an openly diverse environment for our young people. Thank you." 

We look forward to hearing from you and your organisation about your training needs and how we can work collaboratively to meet these.

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