Intercom provides a diverse range of training opportunites which include:

  • bespoke face-to-face training sessions which can be tailored to the needs of organisations
  • an on-line training package about the mental health needs of the LGBT+ communities
  • specialist conferences raising awareness and enhancing knowledge of the social issues and needs of LGBT+ communities
  • consultancy to support the strategic working of services and organisations to ensure equality and fairness in their provision for people who identify as LGBT+

For more information contact Andy on 01392 201012 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why doesn’t your organisation invest in some bespoke training to increase your employees’ knowledge and understanding of the issues and needs of the LGBT+ communities in the South West?

Aiming for Excellence: LGBT+ Mental Healthcare Skills

Our online training course on LGBT+ mental health issues is a unique opportunity for professional development on key issues that affect many members of the general public.

This positive, interactive, and challenging course empowers mental health practitioners and providers to aim for true inclusivity, providing you with a toolkit of skills covering key facts from the basics to specialist topics.

"Aiming for Excellence: LGBT+ Mental Healthcare Skills" is available to professionals in the South West who are employed or funded by the NHS. The course is certificated.


How to register and start the course

Go to Intercom's dedicated online training site, Click on "Let's get started", and then on "Enrol now".


Some feedback from our first participants

"The course is superb and extremely useful."

"The case studies made me think in more depth about some of the complexities faced by some within the LGBT+ communities."

"It seems to me that so many sectors could and should benefit from this knowledge, e.g. The Police and all other emergency services, Schools, Social Care, etc."

In fact we're already looking at writing similar packages for some of these, so get in touch if you're interested! — Michael

"It's a very valuable resource for those who need insight into supporting and working with LGBT+ people. Well done and thank you for creating the course!"

"I’ve learned: (1) greater confidence in my approach in the use of appropriate and supportive language; (2) better understanding of the possible links with mental health issues; (3) clarity in respect of legal positions."

"I guess I thought that as I have had many LGBT+ friends I was 'aware'. I wasn't, but I will be now. Many thanks."

We have provided specialist consultancy for many organisations, working with them to enable community consultation, improve their draft policies and strategies, and, above all, to mainstream equality and fairness for LGBT people throughout their service-delivery systems.