Briefing Note on Internalised Phobia February 2015

We realised recently that internalised homophobia, transphobia and biphobia were not familiar terms, even to many of our colleagues in the generic mental health services who might be expected to have accumulated a degree of experience in this area over the years.

Michael Halls and Tina Hill-Art set out to write a briefing-note on this topic. Internalised phobia is related to the experience some (not all!) LGBT people have of growing up, or living, in negative, uncomprehending or downright prejudiced environments. We estimate that the majority of LGB people and of Trans people in the South West do not live with this particular issue, but our Big Community Survey (see above) suggests that it does affect maybe one in five of us, which is a very significant minority.

The effects on people's lives can be very negative indeed, and Intercom is very glad to say that over the years we have accumulated a great deal of experience in successfully helping people to address this issue, and move onward and upward in their lives.