Intercom has run many projects over the last nineteen years, all aiming to make equality come real in LGB and Trans+ lives in the South West. As far as possible, we work in partnership with local and central government, the police and the criminal justice system, the NHS, and our stakeholders in the community and voluntary sectors.

Here are some of our current and recent projects.

Project Fair Access is funded by central government through the Cabinet Office's Local Sustainability Fund. This fund is targeted on helping medium-sized charities that deliver critical support to disadvantaged people to become more sustainable into the future.

As part of this grant, our Fair Access project aims to build up a network of public-sector organisations all contributing a fair share of the support that Intercom needs, via cross-border joint commissioning. In the modern world cross-border joint commissioning is the most cost-effective way for the public sector to make sure specialist community-based services such as ours are available to members of the public who need them.

Click on "Full story" below for a PDF document that gives more details about Fair Access, and Intercom's grant from the Local Sustainability Fund.

Intercom was funded by Awards for All (our deepest thanks to the Big Lottery Fund for this!) to create a community video about LGBT+ mental health issues and experiences.For a link to the video, and more about how it was made, click on "Full story" below.