'Gender services in the South West' survey

Date added: 4 March 2021

We are running a survey on behalf of the NHS to gather the views of those using non-surgical gender services - to help inform plans to develop this service.

The survey for Trans people over 16 has been co-designed by The Intercom Trust with advice from clinical and lived experience representatives from Devon Partnership Trust (DPT).

NHS England and NHS Improvement South West are working with DPT to consider how to develop the service for the future. The review of the service is at a very early stage.

The anonymous survey findings will be independently analysed by The Intercom Trust and will be shared with the NHS to inform the next steps, so we can collectively co-design integrated and person-centred care pathways for Trans and gender diverse people that dovetail in to both primary, community and secondary care settings to meet the needs of 21st Century South West residents.

It is important that we hear from as many voices as possible, so please share the survey amongst your trans contacts and friends.