Help Support and Advocacy Service, April 2016 - March 2017
Locality report: Plymouth
User satisfaction
Number of calls and meetings that were evaluated:       563
High-level evaluated user satisfaction: 100.00%
Detailed report:
User expressed explicit satisfaction: 36.9%
Service delivered exactly what was asked for: 47.4%
Support-worker had evidence to judge that service-user was satisfied: 15.6%
Service-user expressed themselves dissatisfied: 0.00%
Service-user expressed themselves very dissatisfied: 0.00%
Balance of dissatisfaction and satisfaction
Number of individuals who at some point recorded being dissatisfied / very dissatisfied: 0
Number of events where these service-users expressed dissatisfaction: 0
Number of events where the same service-users recorded explicit satisfaction: 0
Representative comments from service-users (out of 134 similar comments)
"Thank you for all your help [support-worker]. I felt so much better knowing we have some support you were really helpful on the phone."
Found schools guidance very useful and feel it has helped them to support the client and family.
Thank you, you've done a great job, so helpful."
"It helped quite a lot, purely because I now know that there's services out there that can help me."
"I am so glad that I linked in with Intercom Trust. They are a brilliant organisation. Grateful for the help, support and information they offer me. Helps me feel less scared and isolated."
[Young client] thanked me for travelling with him today and said he was really grateful. ..he did express he probably would have cancelled if I wasn't supporting him.
"Thank you for your help and we are really grateful for the schools document."
Client stated they had not felt so comfortable with any helping profession as they do with Intercom - we are v understanding and supportive and accepting of who client is.
Client excited that we had managed to set a date to meet up.
[Client] thanked me for my help sorting out the third party report and was very grateful for continued support for the whole family.
"Great I know I now have local support."
"Thank you, it’s the first time that someone has offered a name of a private service that could help."
"Speaking to you has made me feel less isolated"
"Thank you so much, it's nice to talk to someone who understands."
Was really pleased with the genderbread visual and thanked me for helping them to understand things a bit clearer.
"I am so grateful for your time and really glad we found your organisation.  I have a smiley face next to your name in my diary that's how glad I am you could come in and talk to us."
"Got the info today. So interesting. Thank you! Will get the word out about the work you do, and pass flyers around. Thanks again!"
"Really grateful for your support, [support-worker]."
"Its great to know we have someone to support us…thank you for getting in touch so quickly."
"Thank you so much for popping in.  It's great we all have someone to talk to…people like you are invaluable!"
"Just wanted to say thanks for your visit and support yesterday.  [Young client] initiated a conversation with me yesterday saying how helpful he found it."
"Life is made easier when there are organisations like yours around."
"That guide so helpful!"
"Was really pleased/grateful to see the trans guide for families."
"Thank you so much for meeting me on Tuesday, I found it so empowering and am now feeling much more positive.  You are doing a great job and are so easy to talk to."
"Everyone feels it would be helpful to have you come in to support us."
"Thanks for the info! I feel happier. I can go through this process without worry now! Thanks again!"
"Thank you!  Its been a challenging day! But made better by the fact I have support! Catch up later! Thanks again!"
"Thank you for being flexible."
"Thank you so much, we will support [young client] to access Intercom during school time."
"Thank you so much, I couldn't cope or know what to do without your support."
"Thank you, the group will really benefit from some awareness and it will also improve their own self confidence and esteem whilst benefiting the whole school."
"Thank you so much.  It's great to know there is someone in the city who can support.  Thank you for the time and space to talk freely."
"thank you [support-worker]…  so grateful to have your experience and services to draw on to support this group of young people.."
"thank you so much for coming to assessment…made it much easier."
"Many thanks for this information.  Really useful and I can pass this on to the student I am currently supporting."
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