Help Support and Advocacy Service, April 2016 - March 2017
Locality report: Plymouth
Origins and Signpostings
By what referral or signposting route did service-users reach our service? 
Which agencies did we signpost our service-users to for the provision of generic, or other specialist, services?
Number of individuals with casefiles whom the Service signposted towards another agency: 31
Percentage of all service-users with casefiles: 89%
Note: Signposting service-users towards other agencies for the generic support they needed on a particular topic does not necessarily imply that we ceased to provide them with our own support on our specialist issues.
Agencies we signposted towards: %age of all case-logs
Trans initiatives 31.4%
LGB initiatives 25.7%
Intercom's online community directory 28.6%
CYP gender clinic 22.9%
Adult gender clinic 28.6%
GP practice 25.7%
Mental healthcare (NHS) 5.7%
CAMHS 14.3%
Other agency 2.9%
Police diversity officers etc. 0.0%
Mental healthcare (Intercom counselling team) 8.6%
Social services 0.0%
NHS PALS or Ombudsman or Healthwatch 2.9%
Mental healthcare (private) 0.0%
GU clinic / Sexual health agency 0.0%
Citizens Advice 0.0%
Social housing provider 2.9%
Lawyer (civil or criminal) 2.9%
Hospital 0.0%
Learning difficulty support service 0.0%
IPCC (for police complaints) 0.0%
Other ombudsman 0.0%
Local Councillor / MP 0.0%
SARC 0.0%
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