Help Support and Advocacy Service, April 2016 - March 2017
Locality report: Plymouth
Demand vs capacity, 2010 - 2017
The service is currently funded at the level that we budgeted for in 2012-13, based on 2011-12 demand and staffing. However, in the
 intervening five years, demand for this specialist service from the public has increased three-fold. (See the charts below.)
This is in spite of the fact that we are managing promotion of the service so as to try to keep demand in some relationship with the service's capacity.
It is  clear that if we promoted the service more widely across Cornwall, Devon & Dorset than we can risk doing at present, we would hear from many
other disadvantaged people whose health, wellbeing, personal safety etc. would benefit from our support, but who do not know our Service exists.
Since an increasing proportion of our cases now involve children and young people and their families (in particular
families and schools, and other services, who are having to support children and young people with gender conflicts)
our current casework is greatly more complex and demanding, as well as greatly increased in sheer numbers, compared with 2011.
Also, as knowledge of the existence of our specialist service has spread to professional collegues in the statutory and third sectors, 
we are finding increasing numbers of service-users are not self-referred, as they used to be, but are referred directly to us by our
colleagues in other agencies. We accept only those cases where our specialist intervention and expertise are needed. The 2016-17 
casework that we report on here includes only cases that generic agencies cannot be expected to deal with.
Recent external charitable funding does not go anywhere near filling the current gap between demand and capacity.
Note on the two following charts. We find on scrutiny that in the previous monitoring system the recording of the
numbers of individual calls and client meetings was inconsistent within and across years.
The new system does not have this problem.
We will populate these charts in future years, using reliable figures from the new system.
All other records from past years are accurate (e.g. individual service-user numbers, issues, length and complexity
 of casework, etc.): only the counting of individual calls and meetings has proved to have been inconsistent.
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