Help Support and Advocacy Service, April 2016 - March 2017
Locality report: Plymouth
Date range of this report: between 04 April 2016 and 31 March 2017
Number of Service activities: In this period
Phone-calls, e-mails, SMS, etc.: 1,065
Face-to-face client meetings: 108
Unassigned: 0
Number of Service activities: 1,173  
Number of different service-users:
C. Unidentified helpline callers: 0
A. Identified (at least partly) service-users: 93
Number of different service-users: 93
B. Number of identified service users for whom a caselog was opened: 35
First-time users: ALL In this period Previous period
Number of identified service-users who were using the service for the first time: 74 8
Percentage of all identified service-users: 80%
First-time users: Children and Young People In this period Previous period
Number of first-time service-users who were aged under 18: 24 4
New under-18s as a percentage of all new service-users for whom we have an age-range (n=46) 52%
Service-users who did not use face-to-face support in this period
Identified service-users who used the helpline service only: 45
Unidentified helpline-users 0
Total who used the Helpline service only: 45
Percentage of all service-users: 48%
Percentage of helpline-only service users who made fewer than 3 contacts with the helpline service: 80%
Maximum number of helpline-contacts made by any one service-user in this period: 0
For longer-term service-users (or those who are likely to become longer-term) we open much more detailed case-logs; these can show distance travelled, prevention of downstream costs, locality, etc.
Number of case-logs open during this period: 35
Number of individuals (a few need more than one case-log, when they bring us several separate issues): 35
Number of case-logs closed during this period: 16
Percentage of case-logs open during this period that have been closed during the period: 46%
Length of caselogs (weeks) Cases opened and closed within the period Cases opened earlier and closed within the period
Maximum length: 39.71 294.00
Minimum length: 0.14 31.43
Number of cases: 9 7
Number of cases open at end of period: 19
Distribution of case-logs by primary locality (Inevitably there are cases that cross locality-borders.)
Cornwall 0%  
Plymouth 90%  
Torbay 0%  
Devon County 10%  
Dorset Bmth or Poole 0%  
Wiltshire or Swindon 0%  
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