Help Support and Advocacy Service, April 2016 - March 2017
Locality report: Plymouth
Use of the service in Plymouth has increased remarkably in 2016-17 as compared with 2015-16 and earlier
years. We give the figures below.
The Service reports very positive outcomes on some of the critical and most numerous issues brought to the service during
the year, including Suicide, Self-harming, Barriers to accessing public and other services, Internalised phobia, Confusion
around sexual orientation or/and gender identity, Depression, and Social isolation. (See Outcomes tab.)
In these months Plymouth service-users show a particularly high prevalence of barriers to accessing the NHS in respect both
of the transitioning pathway for adults, and of GP services: these proportions are roughly twice as high as in our global report
covering the South West for the same period (available from our Activities Report web-page). (See Access to Services tab.)
In respect of all these, and others, the service has been able to prevent very significant downstream costs to the public sector,
largely but by no means solely in respect of the NHS. (See Prevention tab.)
Satisfaction-levels are very high indeed, and some of the tributes are very moving. (See Satisfaction tab.)
As always, the Service's primary functions have been (a) the provision of specialist mental healthcare,
(b) the support of schools, children, young people, and families,
and (c) support against crime, including historic and current sexual crime, harassment, and bullying.
Greatly increased use of the service
Our new full-time support-worker took up her post in the new Plymouth office at the beginning of June 2016, so we do not
yet have a full year's report. However, the new post has already made a remarkable difference, as can be seen from the figures
below. As our local consultations had led us to anticipate, potential service-users in Plymouth clearly respond very strongly
to having an Intercom support-worker actually based within the city.
We are deeply grateful to the Big Lottery Fund (Reaching Communities) for funding this new post and its costs.
The number of members of the public in Plymouth who approached the service for specialist help in 2016-17 was 93,
increased by a factor of almost six from the previous year, when the figure was 16.
New service-user numbers (those approaching the service for the first time), rose from 8 to 74 a ninefold increase.
24 children and young people under 18 approached the service as new service-users, compared with 4 in 2015-16.
This figure continued to rise steeply as the year ended in March and the new year began.
All these figures can be found below in context in the tabs called "Overview" and "Changes"
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