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Find out more about the help, support and advocacy services from Intercom Trust.

Our Confidential Helpline

Our South West Helpline is 0800 612 3010

or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a Freephone number from UK mobiles and landlines. If you prefer to call a direct landline, you can get through to the same helpline phone on 01392 201018.

Our helpline is staffed by trained LGBT people who are non-judgemental, and who work to our strong standards of confidentiality, client-protection, and positive listening.

Our helpline is normally staffed during office hours, 9 - 4 Monday to Friday.

We treat all calls as confidential. Most important of all, we will not Out anyone, whatever their age. In the course of many thousand calls over seven years we have taken many calls from young people, and we have never Outed anyone of any age.

Since the Advocacy Project began we have worked with many LGBT people who for whatever reason did not feel they could speak up as for themselves as effectively as they wished.

Below is a selection of other LGBT help and support lines.

Professionals, family members and those wishing to self-refer can use the following downloadable document:

(Download it, save it, complete it and send it back using the secure email process indicated in the document).

Intercom Referral Form