Joint Action Against Phobic Bullying


If you are looking for help against homophobic (anti-gay) bullying, please go straight to our help page.


About the JAAHB Project

The JAAHB Project was founded in 1999 to combat homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools and colleges in the peninsula.

It was the first such project to focus on child-protection legislation as an important resource for young people and their schools; in particular for:

  • developing positive inclusive whole-school environments for young LGBT people, and
  • preventing and dealing with phobic bullying.

Homophobic or Transphobic School Bullying

If you are being abused with anti-gay language, or phobically bullied in any way, anywhere in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset or Somerset, please contact us. We will listen confidentially, provide support over the phone, and we may be able to suggest ways in which you can make things improve. Or we may be able to offer you direct help if you want it.

Our helpline is confidential, and it is answered by friendly and sympathetic LGBT people who understand the issues. They are not judgemental, and are trained to be helpful.

We are very careful never to Out young people to their families or anyone else, nor to breach a young person's (or anyone's) confidentiality. You can read our rules about this in our Protection Policy and our Confidentiality Policy.

Resources For Schools, Families, Youth-Workers etc.

We believe that JAAHB's resources for schools, young people and youth workers are amongst the best in the country. Some of our resources simply consist in our skills and our experience in dealing with helpline calls about homophobic prejudice and bullying.

Other resources are printed, and you can download some of them here. These are continually being updated to take account of new helpful legislation. Revised versions will be posted on this page in due course. If you have identified an issue which is not yet covered in one of these factsheets, please contact us.


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